How to Add GA4 (Google Analytics 4 ver 2021) to Shopify site?

  1. Create new property
  2. Copy the Global Tag settings
  1. The old way is getting UA-xxx, plug the code inside using Online Store > Preferrence > Google Analytics. It doesn’t work that way anymore, insead, you will get this error.This is where I started tinkering around and finally insert the tag. Read on….
  2. Go to Oneline Store > Theme > Edit Code. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL HERE!!!!
  1. Template.liquid . Look for head opening code line. Paste in there.
  1. Once you copy-paste it. It should be total of 9 lines. SAVE of course!
  2. TEST:
    Use Google Chrome extension — TAG manager by Google.
    6.1 Hit Enable.
    6.2 Refresh
    6.3 Check installation / trackers
  1. ABOVE WORKS for a Corporate site and IF your website is in WORDPRESS. However, if your site is on SHOPIFY — continue to Step 7:
  2. Ecommerce sales data variables such as order ID, currency total price, shipping price, tax and sending it to Google Analytics 4 to record the sales. Paste it here:
  1. Move to Debug & Verification



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