What is Telegram Marketing and How to use it to increase Storefront Foot fall or Online Visits?

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Let’s look into the world of Telegram and some examples that can help you get started. If you’re on Retail or F&B business in Singapore — this is a great channel to add into your Marketing Mix! I can see this rising consumer trend in Telegram channel subscription and Im sure that soon enough, other business especially those that will cut across different consumer segments will be on boarded soon — e.g. Tech/Gadgets. Internet marketing is not always about SERP. But it is always about searching for new marketing channels and effective tools for online business promotion. Social networks are currently attracting more and more active users, so there is no surprise that almost every campaign has its corporate account on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or Instagram.

But due to the enormous number of sponsored ads, posts, promotional campaigns and questionnaires that all aim to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites, the competitive struggle is pretty tough. This makes newcomers seek for alternative channels to reach their target audience. A lot of them find such opportunities at messengers that are growing even faster than social networks did in the past. Telegram is nowadays one of the most rapidly developing newcomers that has already gained its position in the leaders’ list.

In this post, I would like to talk about Telegram marketing: an all-new marketing trend that is only developing, but has already proved its efficiency.

What is Telegram?
Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app, available for desktop and mobile devices with a high level of information security. Telegram has 100 million users and 15 billion daily messages. More than 220 000 new users sign up every day. Budget spent on app promotion: $0. Telegram is free of charge, main financial source is donations.

Benefits of Telegram

Telegram group chats are great for engaging your customers, allowing them a platform to reach you directly and ask questions. When organized right, group chats may serve as community forums where users help each other, with minimal involvement on your part. Telegram channels are great storytelling opportunities.

1. Allows marketers to keep their audience informed. This is possible with Telegram channels. Create either a public or private channel and invite your current customers to join it. Share more photos and videos of your products, tell subscribers about the history of your brand, and introduce your team. Notify clients of upcoming sales and hot offers.

2. Helps marketers better communicate with their customers. Telegram groups will help you interact with your customers directly. A Telegram group is a chat where you can communicate with your audience, and your group members can interact with one another. You can also add administrators to manage your group more efficiently. With a group, you can let your loyal customers help new leads by answering questions about your product or service. Telegram Groups are a great opportunity to build a community.

3. Allows brands to support customers 24/7. This is where chatbots come into play. A chatbot is an online assistant which you can use to streamline everyday tasks. Delegate answering FAQs, handling orders, and consulting clients to chatbots, that are available 24/7. This way, your customer support team can work on more complicated issues. Create a chatbot without any technical skills with SendPulse, and develop auto-reply flows to send messages after a user enters a keyword specified by you, for example, “delivery,” “price,” or “refund.”

4. Allows brands to drive traffic to a website. Share links to your landing pages, invite your customers to check out your new collection or share a link to your client reviews. This way, you’ll increase traffic to specific site pages.

5. Increase user engagement. You can easily do this with the Telegram polls. Create a poll with multiple answers to get to know the opinion of your customers about your product or service; create a quiz where you’ll explain why a user chose the wrong variant. The last option is especially great for educational services. Your polls can be anonymous.

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Here are three telegram groups to follow if you’re currently living in Singapore:

1. SG Food Deals
You shouldn’t have to choose between saving money and eating good food. With SG Food Deals, you can discover ways to save money while enjoying your 98342th cup of bubble tea of the month (just kidding). With a plethora of food promos ranging from 1-for-1 deals at Manhattan Fish Market to credit card dining deals, you’ll no longer have to pay full price for food and drinks!

2. Singapore Freebies by Sharetings

This channel was created with one goal in mind: to reduce waste.

You can give away your pre-loved items or scroll through the listings to find something that you can give a new lease of life to. Some items we spotted in the group include clothes, books, art work, food and even contact lenses. All you need to do is pay for postage.

3. SG Travel Promos

SG Travel Promos used to be the place to go to for good deals on flights and overseas hotels. But no thanks to COVID-19, their posts have pivoted to local staycation promos and SingapoRediscovers package deals.

With more people looking for alternatives to Facebook-dominated social and chat tools, the likes of Telegram will only grow and spread in popularity. Get on it early to reap the rewards. Consider becoming an early adopter of Telegram and start building the following for your brand before anyone else. Your competition will jump on the bandwagon sooner or later anyway.

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